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Is Sarah Palin A Rising Star Among These People?

Passing interest in the sort of people who think that Palin should be the leading candidate for the Republican Nomination for President of the United States:

TheRightSide – December 27th, 2009 at 4:28 pm

Insightful article. Now… Just name me ONE of her potential presidential competitors who has the support of traditional Americans and their values. Or one who reflects honesty, integrity and respect for America without political compromise (meaning: screw the reaching across the aisles). Perhaps one who understands and takes very seriously the IslamicPiecesOfChit who want nothing more than to kill Americans. Maybe even one who realy really honors and supports our military. And I dare say, one who believes in fiscal restraint mixed with personal responsibility (a little jab for you welfare rats). Add, subtract, multiply and divide. The answer is still Mrs. Sarah Palin. Bring it on, Sarah. We love you.

M Lyster – December 27th, 2009 at 4:32 pm

I just hope she can evade or neutralize the withering vitriolic rhetoric thrown her way by the media and other Obamanista shills. Khalidh Sheikh Mohammed gets better press than Sarah, for cryin’ out loud (but then, is that really so surprising?)
Given that she’s got a few years to work on this, however: if she doesn’t run herself, she still has the opportunity to function as a ‘kingmaker’. I would love to see her as President, but for some reason her strong disapprovals run pretty deep.

Jim McVeigh – December 27th, 2009 at 5:13 pm

To the contrary, her ‘pissing contest’ with Letterman showed an acute political antennae of which battles to fight and how to fight it. And don’t forget that SHE WON the battle; Letterman was forced to apologize. This in a nutshell also showed a winning political tactic to be used against the left–confront their lies head on and watch their house of cards collapse. O’Reilly has done the same thing to Letterman on the topic of Limbaugh being fat and being the head of the Republican party.
Libs get away with their smears when they tell them among their circle of friends and supporters and everyone agrees, thus reinforcing the lie–Media Matters comes out with a fake story and AP cites it and then CBS sites AP, etc etc etc. Dingy Harry goes on the Senate floor and makes flat out false assertions against Limbaugh, writes a letter to the head of Limbaugh’s syndication partner and then gets a bunch of fellow lunatic Dem senators to sign the petition. Limbaugh promptly gets the letter from the head of the syndicator and auctions it off, raising $4 million for a cause that Dingy Harry is no fan of: military familes.
Similarly with the global warmists–when you confront them with the facts, as most of you have probably seen Monckton do to the Hitler Youth group and the Greenpeacer on the street, they quickly find their house of cards collapsing.
THAT kind of political acumen, as displayed by Palin, is precisely NOT quitting when the going gets tough. If she had been sitting in the White House and been the target of those hundreds of nuisance lawsuits, she would not have had to dig into her own bank account to defend herself, and that is ultimately why she bailed; her time was being spent not on governing but on defending herself against baseless left wing nuisance lawsuits. Perhaps if she wins the brass ring, she will make it a point to pass something akin to the English Rule, where losers in lawsuits have to pay the costs for the winner.
And beyond all of the above, wouldn’t you rather be governed by someone who is willing to give up power instead of digging in their heels just to preserve their own power at the expense of any principle, for example, Magic Bullet Spector defecting to the Dems simply because he knew he could not win the votes of those in what is ostensibly his own party?!

Monckton. Enough said.

Liberty666 – December 27th, 2009 at 6:12 pm

katie couric is so jealous of Palin, palin is better looking, and she hunts and uses guns and is pro-life, to the left shes everything they despise so they use everything theve got to try and tear her down, Palin just needs to keep on fighting and put these loser guv luvin lefties in their place. go Sarah!

Consrvativ_KDH – December 27th, 2009 at 6:31 pm

I generally agree about the baggage, but lesser people have overcome worse handicaps. I will say this (as an unabashed male chauvinist): I favor the All Hottie Ticket: Bachman for Pres and Palin for Veep, with Liz Cheney as Sec State.

Not only would I absolutely salute that flag, I’d gladly offer up my services as Secretary of the Pleasury.

stjoseph4562 – December 27th, 2009 at 7:10 pm

I heartily disagree with you. Palin did what was right for her Alaskan constituents. She saw how tax dollars and her own $$ was being wasted on frivolous lawsuits. I know many Americans would much rather have Palin as President than our current so-called POS in Office apologizing all over the globe, looking for social justice for himself and other MAO loving socialists like himself. Let me think — Palin over a Destructionist of the U.S. Constitution POS — YOU BETCHA!!

Bring it on, Sarah!

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